Pizzinga is not a made up name…it’s real alright!! Chris! is my middle name. I used to hate being called Basil (wouldn’t you?). Imagine signing my artworks as Basil of England??? No way Hozaiee!!

Anyway, I was born in the mid 60’s in Sicily/Italy. My dad worked for the USAF (United States Air Force) as an accountant at the base in Sicily. He, just like any other 25 year old, had ants in his pants (God rest his soul) and wanted to travel the world, so after 5 years in Italy the family decided to go to Australia, but that didn’t work. My dad filed his medical, so we opted for second choice (Greece), from my mum’s side, but that didn’t work either so one day in desperation, money running out, my dad in a church in Greece crying his eyes out had a spiritual enlightenment. “Go to England…go to England” he heard whispers in his ear…and so we did…we packed our bags (again) and drove from Athens all the way to the U.K. Took 7 days and nights…for me and my brother it was a journey of a lifetime…WOW…we went through Yugoslavia, Germany, Austria, France, and finally took the ferry here from Bolougne to Dover (UK)…I still remember the date, we landed on the shores of the UK…1st of September, 1970…

Chris! And women…I’ve always loved women. I’ve been spoilt, pampered by women since the age of 3. I was looked after by my gran (dads mum) who ran a nightclub in Italy. She was very, very sexy…blonde beehive hair, tight silky dresses, nylons and spiked heels (guess where I got my art ideas from?) I remember cuddling her legs when small. She used to say, `Cold again Chris?’

I didn’t understand my fascination for legs, but even at that age it made me feel good. I used to stare at her shapely legs forever…I think that’s why I’m a leg and heel lover. At school I noticed the girls even more and fell in love at the age of 11. Wow! I can still remember her…I drew her but it was a naughty picture. I guess that’s where it all started. I gave her the drawing, kissed her on the cheek, shouted `I love you’ and ran off…after the school holidays she never came back, she had moved away…I was in tears.

Then I started drawing other girls. My friends wanted drawings from me…naughty pictures, so I did, and I was SELLING them to my friends! You pay me L1 for 1 drawing and that’s how it all began…

Everyone wanted art from me…even for science projects, school plays. I had to do all the background artworks, fliers for upcoming events, etc…etc…my art teacher was so impressed with my work (she was even more impressed when I drew her in fully fashioned stockings and high heels) she told me I had to pursue this further, and college was the only solution. And so I did. I took her advice and straight after school I went to art college for 4 years…took all the exams, then at the age of 18, packed my bags and off I went to Europe to see the world.

Before long sexy magazines were taking my work in droves, especially the mags in Italy. They loved the bizarre stuff I did and so I had a few publications I was working under my belt…I was getting offers for works from Dominatrixes who wanted to live out a fantasy situation with their slave, and so we would go through small details on how I should draw her and what her submissive should look like and what he should be doing…this was heaven for me…I felt at ease with dominant women.

I knew about Stanton, Bilbrew and Ward (and the rest), good mentors for me. I learned a lot from their work, but still felt they lacked the `extra edge’ I put into my art, which up to today I’m still mastering.

I got sick of Europe, living rough and after saving quite enough money I decided to come back to England, and I did so, establishing myself as a freelance cartoonist, working for even more magazines than in Europe. My name got around alright!! Everyone was asking for art. Bondage, S&M and Fetish was a priority here (Perverted Bastards!…but who cares, we’re all the same underneath). So I got working and haven’t stopped since…I draw because I love drawing. I love women and I’m a bigger pervert than you!!!!

Chris! Of England


I’ve known Chris! since he was a young pup. I’ve seen his artwork progress for at least 15 years. Before the advent of the Internet we exchanged hundreds of letters, and I published many dozens of his amazing art pieces…I watched as the first magazine of his art was printed and distributed throughout the world…now we email on a daily basis…

I recently laid a huge shock on Chris! I began emailing him some of the first images he had ever sent to me…over 500 art pieces in total that he had forgotten about, that I had saved all these years…

Only a small group of fetish artists have survived the tests of time…Ward, Stanton, Eneg, Bilbrew, Mory, Thomas, Van Rod, etc…Chris! has already achieved this level at a very young age. With any luck at all, we will see thousands more fetish images created by his kinky pen.

Chris has created a CD-ROM of hundreds of his images that you may purchase. The price is only $55, which includes postage. Well worth it, as the images are completely different from what we have presented on this site.

Mail to:
P.O. Box 4717
London SE25 5XL (England)
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